Monday, April 30, 2007


so i just felt like posting some photos i have taken recently. let me know what you think.


Friday, April 27, 2007

nash vegas

so i just got back from nashville. our band was there for the gma week. we had interviews, a showcase, and just a lot of time to connect with people and get our bands name out there. while we had some down time and as i was walking around, i snapped some pics. here are a few. one is of a ripped up bible i saw in front of a downtown school. the other is my cup while we were waiting for an interview.

Thursday, April 26, 2007


it's getting closer.
but with every step i take,
it seems to be going farther away.
it's hard to wait.
it's hard to be still.
is it worth it?
we will see.


Thursday, April 19, 2007

100 things about me

here's 100 things that everyone should know about me
(i stole this from a friend, thanks kent)

1. i was born in minnesota
2. i can balance things on my chin (limited to 50lbs or less)
3. i am on my computer all the time
4. i am in a band
5. i love to mountain bike
6. my first name is willard
7. i like to take pictures
8. i have never been drunk
9. my favorite colors are blue and green
10. my great grandfather invented the oscillating fan
11. i love late night deep conversations
12. i love to camp
13. i have a strong desire to climb mt. everest
14. diet dr. pepper makes me happy
14. i love to cook
15. laughing is a good thing
16. haven't puked in at least 7 years
17. winter is my favorite season
18. my birthday is January 14th
19. i love watching storms. i would love to be a storm chaser.
20. i used to raise ducks in my backyard
21. i'm left handed
22. i have a great family
23. i want to learn how to be a mountaineer
24. i want to live in colorado or utah
25. i am an uncle
26. as of right now, i am single
27. i have never been in a fight(fist fight)
28. i think i am obsessive compulsive about people locking the doors of my car
29. i love cats, they are awesome
30. i have great friends
31. i've been to the highest point in missouri
32. i like going to my parents house and start big bon fires
33. i am a huge fan of my ipod
34. i dislike certain foods just because of the texture of them
35. i quote movies a lot
36. i enjoy a beer every once in a while(and i'm still christian)
37. when i go on any kind of trip, i am a severe over-packer, i like to be prepared
38. i've really only fallen in love once
39. i love playing with legos, i'm 27 and still have them
40. i hate drama, not plays and such, but attitudes and "divas"
41. i typically always have a pen on me
42. same thing with guitar picks
43. i attach to people really quickly
44. fudge rounds make me so happy
45. i have to take a shower everyday, i feel so gross if i don't
46. i want to become a great mountain biker
47. i love to bbq
48. one of my favorite things to do is take friends out to eat
49. i really want a mac laptop
50. i don't like planes, i'd much rather drive somewhere
51. i sleep on my stomach
52. i would like to own my own business someday
53. i'm 27, yet i still feel like a kid, hope to feel like that for a long time
54. i broke our garage door as a kid taking "rides" on it
55. i used to play clarinet and tuba
56. i am usually very quiet in group settings, especially with people i don't know
57. i struggle with self-confidence
58. it seems as if most girls i date, get married to the next guy they date after me
59. i have a hard time talking to girls
60. at age 25 i went into the er thinking i was having a heart attack, luckily it wasn't
61. i love road trips
62. i like girls with pretty eyes
63. i enjoy watching movies
64. i love to dance to frank sinatra
65. i love the feeling of waking up in my warm sleeping bag on a cold morning somewhere in the woods
66. i dislike coffee
67. i tend to be shy around new poeple
68. i have a hard time with names
69. i prefer quality of quantity
70. i constantly check my email
71. i don't like bars and dance clubs
72. i own a pair of collapsable chopsticks
73. i have a heart for people with mental disabilities
74. would love to adopt a child with a mental disability
75. i am a romantic guy
76. live music is fun, good live music makes me happy
77. i long to be happy not really to be rich
78. lazy sunday afternoons are like gold
79. i like the everyday things in my dating relationships
80. i am trying to learn how to draw/paint
81. i like being creative and solving problems
82. my love languages - quality time and physical touch
83. i enjoy chatting
84. honesty is a big deal to me
85. labels frustrate me, like christian and secular...
86. i am trying to understand what love really is and means and looks like
87. i heart icebreaker clothing
88. chuck taylors + me = good times
89. i love to people watch, the mall and the fair are the best for it
90. i really enjoy reading
91. i believe all people are inherently good
92. i love marching bands
93. i want to get married under the delicate arch in utah
94. i love the smell of freshly baked bread
95. i think my mom is the best cook in the world
96. my dad is one of the toughest guys i know
97. sometime in my life i want to own enough land that requires me to have a tractor
98. i enjoy cuddling
99. i can't believe i took the time to do this
100. i love you

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


i am saddened by the recent events that have taken place at virginia tech. it amazes me at how deep and dark the human mind can get, and how decieved we can truly be. its amazing when our anger, hurts frustrations, lonliness, and other emotions can drive us to a mental state that we feel like the only way out is violence towards others. or when we get so obsessed or over taken by this idea of violence and find joy in hurting others. we as humans can get truly messed up sometimes. i know i have had my fair share of dark times, when i am down and depressed, but never have i been to a place like this guy who killed these people, or like my friends that have taken their lives cause they see it is the only way out.

we need to be more aware of our mental states and those of our friends, family, coworkers, school mates, just every one around us. we need to love them, we need to help them, and we need to ask for help when we need it. if we are struggling with something, we need to be open about it and talk. no longer should we be afraid of what others think and bottle our emotions up, but we need to voice our feelings and thoughts. and be healthy.

god is good place to start. talk to him. talk to your best friend. talk to your mom. talk to your pastor. who ever. just talk, be open, be real, strive for health, and for goodness, peace, and resolution.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

london anyone?

this is funny:

1. go to
2. click on “maps”
3. click on “get directions”
4. type “New York” in the first box (the “from” box)
5. type “London” in the second box (the “to” box)
6. scroll down to step #23

thanks to ysmarko for finding this.


Wednesday, April 11, 2007


some of you know of my recent fascination of wanting to climb mount everest, the worlds tallest mountain. i am always looking into what it would take for me to attempt that kind of expedition. i surf the web for the latest news, i work at an outdoor gear store, i have bought books about mountaineering, i am planning trips to get my feet wet in high alpine mountianeering.

there are a lot if inherent risks in high altitude expeditions, people get hurt and die. and there is no rescue available. helicopters can't fly that high, and it would take a crew of 10 to pull some one done the mountain successfully. so when i read this article, i thought this guy to be quite silly. why put yourself at even more risk, by choice? people even ask why even try to climb that high when there is so much risk involved? it's hard to explain. there is just something about the journey, the high of reaching the summit, but going one step further and reaching base camp after the summit.

anyway, i am a sucker for people attempting things in spite of situations their lives have placed them. like this guy.

i love the human spirit, it drives us to do crazy things sometimes.


Sunday, April 08, 2007


heading to my parents house for easter today. playing in the woods. good food. and my sister and niece will be there too. excited to see them!


Thursday, April 05, 2007


where is my life headed? to what end am i walking this path? what is my purpose? why do I breath?


Monday, April 02, 2007

do opinions matter?

gosh it drives me nuts when people completely disrespect me. tonight i was expressing my opinion on a subject, and the person that I was expressing it to completely discounted it and walked away. i don't know if they did it on purpose or what. but it just rubbed me the wrong way...and it doesn't make me happy.

i need to go on a walk...but i don't want to be alone.